III A - B - E - F: schooltrip to Turin


venerdì, 27 dicembre 2019

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Tre simulazioni di diaristica in lingua inglese su "Lo Scricciolo", per parlare di una gita a Torino? Why not? Se la parola chiave del futuro è "competenza linguistica", i ragazzi delle terze coinvolte sono indubbiamente sulla buona strada.

Dogliani, 28th November 2019


Last Thursday we went to Turin, the main town of Piedmont, for a school trip .

We left at 7,50 a.m. by coach and after an hour drive, we arrived in Turin. The coach stopped in Vittorio Veneto square.

The teachers divided us into two groups and then, at 11 a.m, we got into the Museum of the Cinema, into the “Mole Antonelliana”.

A guide explained us the story of the “Mole” building and then he asked us if we wanted to play a game like a treasure hunt.

We formed four groups and the guide gave us some sheets where there were written some steps to create a film and the budget which we didn’t have to overcome .

I was in group with Yousra, Cecilia and Filippo. We immediately had the idea of making a film about the most famous concert of the Beatles.

The guide played the role of the producer and he really liked our film. Then he gave us a map of the museum containing some clues.

We found all the clues and when we arrived at the producer, he checked our answers: they were all correct!

Finally, we won the game and one of us  signed a mock agreement with the Warner Bros.

Then we got into the glass lift that took us on the top of the Mole where we could see the Turin skyline.

We had lunch in front of the “Palazzo Nuovo” University. We got on the bus in Vittorio Veneto square, to go to visit La Stampa newspaper headquarters.

There we met a lady who explained us about a typical day in the newsdesk and then she showed us the printing machines, and other special tools to send photos or information. We visited an exhibition  showing the history of communication, from the telegraph to the smartphone. There were old newspapers, which were very short, about 2 pages long and had no pictures on them. Now  newspapers  are about 70 pages and contain a lot of images.

At 5.30 p.m. we caught the bus again and at 6.30 p.m. we were back in Dogliani.

We loved  the trip, it was interesting and we could learn plenty of new things .


Bye bye.

Carlo, Agnese, Melani

Class III A


Dogliani, 28th November 2019


Dear diary,

Today I and my classmates went to Turin. We set off at 7.50 a.m. and we arrived in the centre of Turin at about 9 a.m.

In the morning, we visited the Mole Antonelliana. There we did a fun treasure hunt. The clues were inside the Museum of the Cinema and we looked for them on billboards with some information about famous directors, special effects and film editing. After the treasure hunt we visited the museum, which was really interesting and it also had some interactive rooms!

In the “Mole” we got on the elevator. It was terrific! The floor under us became smaller and smaller, and after some minutes we could see Turin from up there!

In the afternoon we went to visit the editorial board of “La Stampa”. We saw the journalists at work, sitting around a large circular table. After that, we visited the museum of the newspaper. The guide told us the history of “La Stampa”, since its beginning, in 1867. In the past the newspaper had larger sheets and contained  few pages . The photos were black and white. Today it is printed in colour, there are a lot of pages and the format is smaller. Moreover, today they use a laser printer, while in the past, until 1889, they used a lot of small lead letters to write a single page.

Finally, at 5 p.m. we caught the coach to go back home.

We loved this school trip! It was very interesting, not boring at all.

Youssra, Elisabetta, Cecilia

Class III B


On 28th November we set off at 8 a.m. from Farigliano with the students of the class IIIB from Dogliani school. We arrived in Turin at about 9.30. 

First, we went to visit the museum of la Stampa . The first thing the guide told us were the different names “La Stampa” had in the years, and they also explained us why it was created.

After that, we visited the centre of Turin. We saw Palazzo Carignano, The Syndone Chapel, Palazzo Madama, The Porta Palatina and the Roman ruins, the Dome and the Church of Saint Lawrence.

We had lunch at about 1.20 p.m. in a beautiful historical square in the city centre, Piazza Carignano.  When we finished, we went for the second stage of the trip : the visit to the Museum of the Cinema. It was fantastic!We did a laboratory in which we tried dubbing real actors! It was difficult, because we had to say the words at the same time and frequency of the actors, so we had to speak fast, but it was fun.

Then we took a lift to visit the top of “Mole Antonelliana” . from up there, we had a stunning view of the town!

In our opinions, the trip was really interesting and we had a lot of fun.

Tommaso, Denise, Marzia, Ivan

Classes III E-F